Re: support for setext, the structure-enhanced text format, in WWW

Peter Flynn (
Mon, 3 May 93 11:03:37 BST

Ian writes:

> forgive me for barging in on like this, infrequent listener on
> this list that I am, but I'd like you to cast an eye on a dis-
> cussion now underway in alt.hypertext, comp.text.sgml and several
> other crossposted groups, which may be of interest in regard to
> adding an ability to the WWW line-browser to recognize and access
> _implicitly_coded_ anchors in otherwise plaintext documents (the
> setext graphic markup method).
> Try this first:
> 18K, 309 lines
> 24K, 507 lines
> else
> file://
> file://

I have found a problem in retrieving news thru both www (linemode) and
xmosaic. Both correctly pick up my news server name, and if I follow the
links from `By Type' thru `Network News' to a specific group, both programs
correctly list the articles, but cannot access the article texts, giving
me instead the message `Connecting to NewsHost ...' and then coming back
with `Back, Quit or Help:'

It is clear that both programs are expecting articles to be stored in files
with names set to the message-id. I have never encountered a system which
does this, and my own server runs plain vanilla nntp and Cnews, which puts
articles in files whose names are the article numbers (sequential, 1+).

As the www server is capable of finding the directory (and is presumably
grepping for 'Subject:' and piping the results back into HTML---or is it
actually opening each file in turn?) could not a simple addition to the code
see if the files are named (=message-ID) or numbered (=message-number) and
act accordingly?

If this is not possible, where do I find a news system which stores articles
under message-ID filenames instead?