support for setext, the structure-enhanced text format, in WWW

Ian Feldman (
Mon, 26 Apr 93 03:58:55 +0200

forgive me for barging in on like this, infrequent listener on
this list that I am, but I'd like you to cast an eye on a dis-
cussion now underway in alt.hypertext, comp.text.sgml and several
other crossposted groups, which may be of interest in regard to
adding an ability to the WWW line-browser to recognize and access
_implicitly_coded_ anchors in otherwise plaintext documents (the
setext graphic markup method).

Try this first: 18K, 309 lines 24K, 507 lines




From: Ian Feldman
Newsgroups: alt.hypertext,comp.multimedia,,comp.text,comp.text.sgml,comp.sys.amiga.multimedia
Subject: Re: Looking for Electronic Publshing formats... [long]

Thanks & enjoy. I did.

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