Re: support for setext, the structure-enhanced text format, in WWW

Bill Janssen (
Mon, 26 Apr 1993 19:41:22 PDT

Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 26-Apr-93 Re: support for setext, the.. (1650)

> Ironically, a similar but different proposal called "simplemail" is
> currently being discussed in the IETF mailing list devoted to MIME
> (ietf-822). This is also based on common informal conventions used in
> news today, like _this_ or *this*. Even more ironically, simplemail
> was also started by some individuals who didn't like richtext, the
> proposal for "simple" text formatting that was originally part of the
> proposed MIME standard (it is now a separate RFC). Richtext looks
> like SGML (at least superficially -- some real SGML gurus are offended
> by richtext's claim of SGML-ness).

I actually think that simplemail is quite a bit simpler and less
feature-full than setext, so perhaps this claim is a bit overstated. My
argument was that for anything more complicated, a *real* markup
language, HTML or something richer, should be used.

> Bill --
> where are the simplemail files now?