Re: Reading news via WWW browsers

Tim Berners-Lee (
Tue, 2 Mar 1993 23:18:24 +0100

First important point is that with the new library, the
same software modules will be pluggable into clients or
servers. The local file reading in the client will be
the same as the file reading in the server. Same with newsm
so you can chose what you put into a gateway and what goes
straight into the client. And given that each module turns
out (TIN may be bigger) to be pretty small I know where I
will want the code -- I will want my client to be able
to handle anything without recourse to a gateway. (I have
more than 640k.) But I also know that I'll want to set
up gateways for everything for situations like being
on the end of a phone line without SLIP, or being in
a .com like PARC which requires a gateway.

If someone IS going to hack TIN into a news access module,
please merge it with the NEW one not the old -- WWWizards
can look at
(the directory is browsable) but only for reference ..
don't build anyting till the files are all released.

BTW the line mode browser worked with the new library,
now I am putting in MIME parsing and HTTP2 so it is in peices again.

Tim BL