Re: Getting searching to work

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 28 Jan 93 10:06:37 GMT

>This is supported functionality. See the user guide:

Eeek. Thanks you. Perhaps this file should be called Guide.RTFM

>I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out once again
>that the <ISINDEX> strategy for marking up searchable documents
>is less than optimal.

This is not apparent to me (OK, it's early in the morning :-)
In what way is it suboptimal?

>Inline "search this anchor" elements are preferable, at least
>to me.
>This request shows that it's intuitive to at least one other person:
>he just made a guess and picked the inline searchable-anchors

Flattery like this will get you a long way :-)

By "search this anchor" do you mean "search from here onwards to EOF"
or are you implying that the file should be marked up as <a name=anchor>
lots and lots of text, megabytes even, to which the user might want to
restrict the search</a> ?