Re: new HTML spec, sample implementation

Dan Connolly (
Mon, 11 Jan 93 17:20:08 CST

>I have also edited the general description of HTML to bring it
>further into line with the DTD, I hope. I have reorganised it so
>that there is more scope for adding detailed guidance and more

Ok... we're getting close to a workable document here. I have
some suggestions for the organization.

The "Hypertext Markup Language" document I wrote was supposed
to replace the root of the HTML documentation. I suggest we
merge them. I'll work on it and let you know what I come
up with.

>I have put in a WIDTH attribute on PRE. I have put in LINK.
>Could we have both in the DTD next time?

The WIDTH attribute is there. I'll add LINK.

>I could do with references for the origins of the character
>highlighting elements, so as to pick up descriptions of them. I have
>just guessed in