Re: new HTML spec, sample implementation

Tim Berners-Lee (
Mon, 11 Jan 93 14:51:51 +0100


[I will limit the lines to 72 instead of 80, -- sorry!]

I have changed the links which I could find to point to the new DTD
and the new spec. There is a soft link "Current" so that one can
link to the latest version but still allow reference and access to
previous dated versions. See

I have also edited the general description of HTML to bring it
further into line with the DTD, I hope. I have reorganised it so
that there is more scope for adding detailed guidance and more

I have put in a WIDTH attribute on PRE. I have put in LINK.
Could we have both in the DTD next time?

I could do with references for the origins of the character
highlighting elements, so as to pick up descriptions of them. I have
just guessed in