X Browser

Pei Y. Wei (wei@xcf.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 13 Dec 91 11:45:05 -0800

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>To: timbl@nxoc01.cern.ch
>Subject: X Browser

Hi, Tim.

Thanks for most helpful information for my research on SGML.

>Now we have just got a new architecure for the browser code, with a
>generic (simple!) SGML parser, and basically all the browser code
>common (networking, name resulution, parsing) between different
>browsers. The new line mode browser is under test - it has NNTP
>access to news built in as well as HTTp and FTP access to indexes and
>I could make up a tar file of our alpha-test code, including the HTML
>SGML parser.

Yes, I'm very interested in using that code, and do the testing...
Regarding the X browser, I was able to rig up an X11 W3 browser by
using viola as the front end to www (I only had to make very few and
minor changes to www.c). It's not very sophisticated at this point
(a one nite hack...), and does not much more than display the output
of www in a scrollable text field, highlite the reference numbers for
visibility, make references and commands (Back, Help...) clickable
or keyable, and has a few buttons corresponding to the www commands.

One thing I'd like to do soon, if I have time, is to teach the parser
about viola object descriptions, and basically embed viola objects
(GUIs & programmability) into html files.