WWW to SPIRES on SLACVM - Experimental

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl)
Fri, 13 Dec 91 17:55:53 GMT+0100

There is an experimental W3 server for the SPIRES High energy Physics preprint
database, thanks to Terry Hung, Paul Kunz and Louise Addis of SLAC. It's only just
been put up, so don't expect perfection. With the w3 line mode browser, follow a
link to it from our home page, then type for example


the "FIND" is necessary at the moment, though it may change later.

- Tim

Paul Kunz wrote a few days ago:-

"The SLAC Library maintainer of SPIRES databases, Louise Addis, is absolutely
delighted. She will ask for a permanent VM service machine and finish off the
polishing. Things are really moving now."

"By the way, we certainly have the impression that accessing SPIRES from www on
a UNIX machine is faster than using a terminal logged into SLACVM. Even a real
3278 terminal is not as fast. Actually, accessing CERNVM FIND via www seems
faster than logging into cernvm and doing the same command as well."