Re: Monospaced font

Walter Ian Kaye (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:26:34 -0800

At 10:10a 12/01/95, Stephen Turner wrote:
>In font-family: monospace, are two consecutive spaces in the source
>represented by twice as much space in the output (like HTML <pre> but
>unlike Netscape <code>)? Should it be defined, or is this too specific
>for this spec?

According to HTML, a space is a space regardless of font. If you need to
indent, you would use whatever style method is provided for indenting. If
you are lining up columns, use either <pre> or <table>. What are you
looking to do? If you are trying to force two spaces between sentences, you
could follow each period with a nonbreaking space; but you break
typographical law if you do that. ;-)


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