Re: Monospaced font

Glenn Adams (
Fri, 1 Dec 95 14:28:24 -0500

From: Stephen Turner <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 18:10:18 +0000 (GMT)

In font-family: monospace, are two consecutive spaces in the source
represented by twice as much space in the output (like HTML <pre> but
unlike Netscape <code>)? Should it be defined, or is this too specific
for this spec?

You bring up a good point. CSS1 needs a "verbatim" property indicates that
whitespace should not be folded. This was one of the first things I added
in our UA's support of CSS.

Keep in mind that certain whitespace is ignored already by virtue of the
standard SGML rules for RS and RE. Namely, if not interpreted as markup,
RS is always ignored; after entity replacements and markup recognition,
RE is ignored if it is (a) the first RE in an element and no RS, data, or
proper subelement precedes it; (b) the last RE in an element and no data
or proper subelement follows it; etc. (see ISO 8879 7.6.1 for more detail).