RE: Comments on CSS, Level 1, 23-Nov-95
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 20:04:44 -0800

Other than the fade effects and magnification, I am actually very
comfortable with the existing set of properties. Meaning I think more than
one browser will target these as the first implementation set. Certainly
our browser is likely to rev before CSS Level 1 gets even close to final,
and like others we'll be targetting new visual features with the next

Agree about "(10) ... Panose", this is at least one selection system we'd
like to spec for.

-Thomas Reardon

Sent: Thursday, November 30, 1995 7:17 PM
Subject: Comments on CSS, Level 1, 23-Nov-95

(1) Abbreviate section "Containment in HTML" to "See draft-ietf-
html-style-00.txt". In particular, don't include an example which
is "sure to be obsolete".

(2) Move Pseudo-Elements to level 2.

(3) Move Context Senstivity section to level 2 document only.

(4) Comments section - change "two dashes" to "two hyphens (ASCII 0x2D)"

(5) CSS1 ambitions - remove drop-cap example

(6) The Cascade - move "@import" to level 2

(7) Important and Legal - move to level 2

(8) Multi-column layout - move to level 2

(9) CSS1 properties - "an ASCII-based UA ini a monochrome environment
is not able to honor color values" ?? What does ASCII have to do
with color?

(10) Fonts - "there exists no well-defined and widely accepted taxonomy
for classifying fonts". I guess you haven't seen the PANOSE system
nor have noticed that both Microsoft and IBM employ it in their font
mapping equipment.

(11) Under font-size, what does a "VR scene" have to do with HTML? Are
you confusing HTML with VRML perhaps?

(12) bg-light-source - move to level 2 (please don't propose new and
exciting but unimplemented properties for level 1!)

(13) text-spacing - change to text-set-width or break out into separate
properties for specifying opt/min/max word space and opt/min/max letter

(14) text-decoration - move box, shadowbox, box3d, and cartouche to level 2.

(15) text-position - change to baseline-offset.

(16) text-transform - change to glyph-substitution; add small-caps

(17) text-effect - move to level 2

(18) alternate properties - move to level 2

(19) Frames - change to "Borders", consider moving to level 2

(20) magnification - move to level 2

(21) aliases - remove; there is no need for alternative spellings of
keywords; it just makes people confused

(22) Formal grammar needs revision to eliminate level 2 productions
and extensions


In general, you should move to level 2 any properties which aren't currently
found in commonplace use in existing Web Viewer/Browser technology. Try
to make level 1 conform as much as possible to actual existing practice
rather than what you (and perhaps I) might prefer it to be today.

Glenn Adams