Comments on CSS, Level 1, 23-Nov-95

Glenn Adams (
Thu, 30 Nov 95 22:17:49 -0500

(1) Abbreviate section "Containment in HTML" to "See draft-ietf-
html-style-00.txt". In particular, don't include an example which
is "sure to be obsolete".

(2) Move Pseudo-Elements to level 2.

(3) Move Context Senstivity section to level 2 document only.

(4) Comments section - change "two dashes" to "two hyphens (ASCII 0x2D)"

(5) CSS1 ambitions - remove drop-cap example

(6) The Cascade - move "@import" to level 2

(7) Important and Legal - move to level 2

(8) Multi-column layout - move to level 2

(9) CSS1 properties - "an ASCII-based UA ini a monochrome environment
is not able to honor color values" ?? What does ASCII have to do
with color?

(10) Fonts - "there exists no well-defined and widely accepted taxonomy
for classifying fonts". I guess you haven't seen the PANOSE system
nor have noticed that both Microsoft and IBM employ it in their font
mapping equipment.

(11) Under font-size, what does a "VR scene" have to do with HTML? Are
you confusing HTML with VRML perhaps?

(12) bg-light-source - move to level 2 (please don't propose new and
exciting but unimplemented properties for level 1!)

(13) text-spacing - change to text-set-width or break out into separate
properties for specifying opt/min/max word space and opt/min/max letter

(14) text-decoration - move box, shadowbox, box3d, and cartouche to level 2.

(15) text-position - change to baseline-offset.

(16) text-transform - change to glyph-substitution; add small-caps

(17) text-effect - move to level 2

(18) alternate properties - move to level 2

(19) Frames - change to "Borders", consider moving to level 2

(20) magnification - move to level 2

(21) aliases - remove; there is no need for alternative spellings of
keywords; it just makes people confused

(22) Formal grammar needs revision to eliminate level 2 productions
and extensions


In general, you should move to level 2 any properties which aren't currently
found in commonplace use in existing Web Viewer/Browser technology. Try
to make level 1 conform as much as possible to actual existing practice
rather than what you (and perhaps I) might prefer it to be today.

Glenn Adams