Re: Border Styles

Benjamin C. W. Sittler (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 13:36:16 -0600

seperate rendering styles for the different edges of a border are, in my
opinion, unneccessary, at least for an initial stylesheet implimentation.
Almost every existing use of borders (i.e. tables, paragraph borders,
hyperlinks, images, etc.) use the same style for every border.

I would like to propose another border style, border.image. This would be
the URI (absolute, please, or at least relative to server root) of an
image which would be tiled in the area where black lines, beveled edges,
whatever are usually drawn, allowing texture to be applied. (Would
border.texture be a better name for it?) If the image file is not found,
the browser does not support border images, or the stylesheet overrides
it, it could safely be ignored (and replaced by border.color when

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