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Justin Greene (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 14:42:02 -0300

Bert Bos wrote...
>** font.size
>If we allow absolute sizes like point, the author must be aware that
>the UA will only use these sizes as relative to a certain unit that
>depends on the occasion. If I project a page on a video wall, my
>software will interpret `point' to be about a centimeter, but when I
>print it on a 35mm slide, a `point' will be more like 0.01 mm.
>A unit like `pixels' that is neither relative nor absolute will be
>even more problematic, since no relation to any other size can be
>assumed. I guess the definition of `pixel' will be: in the case of an
>application that shows the document at about arm's length, a `pixel'
>is a unit of length between approximately 0.20 and 0.35 mm chosen by
>the application so that n pixels is visually different from (n+1)
>pixels, for n = 0, 1, 2,...N; other types of applications can extend
>this definition as appropriate.

My take on font size if I may, is that actual font size is not so important
(from a sytlesheet standpoint) but rather the relative sizes of the
different elements to a base size which I expect the user will be setting in
most cases. For example H6=base*110, H5=base*120...H1=base*160. After
configuring the default relationships, they could be overridden one by one
through the use of additional stylesheets by rededining the specific
instance of usage.

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