(no subject)

Mike Meyer (mwm@contessa.phone.net)
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 11:17:13 PST

> I therefore propose a new tag, <PAGE>. When the browser encounters this
> tag, it should fill the display area with blank lines to the bottom. The
> <PAGE> tag should also alter the scroll-forward behavior of the browser so that
> the space created by <PAGE> expands during scrolling to fill the display
> area until it is entirely blank, at which point the next scroll-forward
> skips to-of-display to just past the <PAGE> tag.

How should browsers that aren't doing presentation in a 2d media treat

> This tag would have obvious utility when using HTML as a description language
> for text formatting.

The 8th word is misspelled - it should be "abusing".

My gut reaction is that this is a style sheet issue, and DIV is the
correct place to hang the behavior. Of course, there's already lots of
things in HTML that would be improved by integrating them with the DIV