Re: Endorsement of Hannah's HTML reference [was A lurker speaks up... ]

Eric S. Raymond (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 14:32:03 -0500 (EST)

> By the way... if somebody were to write a really good intro to HTML
> (along the lines of NCSA's, but more up to date), we might endorse
> that as well. I doubt we could pay for it, but you'd probably be
> able to scare up publishing royalties somewhere.

No promises, but I might do this. I have the required skills, and
learning about <foo> by documenting <foo> is one of my favorite strategies
(that's why I wrote the Java-on-Linux FAQ!).

Is the NCSA document on-line? Do you want it used as a model? If so, is it
available to be modified and re-distributed? Can you be more specific about
what you think a "really good intro" would look like?

One reason I may take this on is because I've been pitching a book concept to
O'Reilly, working title "Typesetting With Free Software Tools". The idea is
to cover free software tools for dual-mode publishing. Maybe I'll write
your intro, keep a copy in my pocket and use it as the basis of my HTML

So talk to me...