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Walter Ian Kaye (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 10:40:05 -0800

At 4:53a 12/19/95, Chuck Foster wrote:
>However, nobody actually answered my query about where the <p> / </p>
>should be used, in relation to things like <ul>, <ol>, even <form> etc!
>I try to use </P> generally, though I know it is optional - I might
>start to omit it in order to make some documents smaller (well its
>four bytes shorter per paragraph!). However, its where it *is* needed
>and where <p> should be used that confuses me.
>Is it:
> <p> ... <ul> ... </ul> ... </p>
> <p> ... </p> <ul> ... </ul> <p> ... </p>
>One might even just have:
> <p> ... <ul> ... <p> ... (though people will shout about no </ul>!)

I generally use </p> only if I'm using an alignment attribute in <p>,
because that is assigning a rendering directive to the text and so it
benefits from a closing tag. <p align=center> ... </p> ... <p> ... <p> ...

I recently started using a <p> at the end of a form in order to ensure that
graphics following it would appear below instead of to the right (as the
icky AOL browser put them). Here's how it currently looks:

<FORM method="POST" action="">
<B>Path: </B>
<SELECT name="localpath">
<OPTION value="/">Natural Innovations
<OPTION value="/boo/">. . Walter's Web
<OPTION selected value="/boo/computing.html">. . . . Computing Category
<INPUT type="submit" value="Go to page">

<A HREF="index.html"><IMG SRC="../gifs/btnhome3.gif" ALT="[Home]" border=1></A>
<A HREF="../map.html"><IMG SRC="../gifs/btnmap3.gif" ALT="[Index]"

(I'm gonna be changing the form and cgi soon, btw, cuz Lynx doesn't like
partial URLs -- tho' Netscape handles this form perfectly.)


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