MIME and the addition of .exe files

SYKES D RESEARCH SST 951107 (David.Sykes@tees.ac.uk)
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 10:56:33 GMT

I'm new to this list and programming HTML and although a lot of what
you're chatting about is way above my head, I noticed a simple
posting about <P></P>. So I hope my questions aren't too dumb and you
can give me some help.

1) (and it's and big ONE)

I intend to run software from the HTML/Browser environment from the
client end, at the moment I expect to incorporate excel file, basic
file and Visual basic .exe files. I expect the client to have excel
and qbasic (or something similar), but not VBasic. I have worked out
how to run both excel and quick basic from my browser (although the
method isn't perfect). I have been able to run my vbasic file using
the following in netscape (2.0b3) perferences:

apllication/vb1 calc.vba c:\homepage\calc.vba

This works fairly well until I leave the program and then return,
when I click on the program I am trying to run, half of it loads then
it tells me:

can't find helper application

When I look in the perferences the following is in the applications


And when I remove the quotation marks it runs just fine, until I
exit and return to the same situation.


Also when I start up a second excel file from the browser it starts up
a second copy of excel! Can I get my second .xls to run in the
original copy of excel that's already been started.

I hope my question is suitable for this list and that I am not asking
something which is easily answered on some unreachable FAQ.

Cheers Dave

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