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>| From: Chuck Foster <>
>| 2. <p>..</p> mixed with <ul>..</ul> etc
>| One of the things that I get confused over is when to use </p>, if at
>| all.

><P> is not a container object, so there is no </P>. You can throw it
>in, and most browsers won't mind. It's not a required element, though.
> <P> is just a paragraph seperator, not a container.

Actually, according to the DTD, <P> is a container--it contains text.
The terminating </P> is optional, but in HTML 3 it will be more useful.

In HTML 3, <P> can have attributes, like:

This is a paragraph that I want allingned to the right side of
the page.

This one has word-wrapping turned off, because it's really, really long!

This one is normal and will probably never bother anyone.

Those are instances where the terminator will make sense. And it's
already implemented in Netscape 2.0 and some other browsers.

But technically, <p> is a container.

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