Re: IMG and FIG?

Joshua Sean Bell (
Wed, 13 Dec 95 11:40:11 MST

Valerio Gianascio writes:
> Hi there,
> I've a little problem

I'll say. Someone ate the rest of your post. Watch out for monsters,
there could be one near you! Seriously though... :)

To head your question off at the pass, FIG is probably dead. Long live

IMG looks like it'll be around for a while, at least as far as
supporting (client-side) non-applet imagemaps, since EMBED, being pretty
much content-type insensitive (as a *proposal*, not in action) doesn't
contain hooks or gimlets for attaching imagemap thingies to it.

That being the case, it's worth making sure the IMG-based client-side
imagemapping proposal is really, really good before it's widely
deployed. We can't rely on FIG to show up later and save the day.

One of the ghost-of-HTML3 specs should roll in the IMG changes which
were made in the expired HTML3, namely ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER,
HSPACE|VSPACE, and the other wingdings. It might not hurt to toss in
some of the FIG alignments, like BLEEDLEFT, BLEEDRIGHT, etc, in some
mechanism or another.


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