Re: IMG and FIG?

Valerio Gianascio (
14 Dec 95 05:26:39 EST

> Hi there,
> I've a little problem

I'm sorry for the inconsistent mail. It seems the original has been truncated (I
also received an odd mail from Central Postmaster). In fact the full message

Hi there,

I've a little problem trying to insert an image as FIG. I read somewhere that
FIG should be used in case of large images, instead of IMG.
I tried the following:

<IMG SRC="img.gif" LOWSRC="img_low.gif" ALT="An image">
<FIG SRC="img.gif" LOWSRC="img_low.gif" ALT="An image">

The result for the first line is that the image is correctly displayed. The
second line doesn't display anything: simply ignored line.

Am I missing something here? Any suggestions are appreciated.