META tag question

Mary Morris (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 05:57:04 -0800

Is it legal to have multiple META tags with the same HTTP-EQUIV

ie would this be legal

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.scheme" CONTENT="Dewey Decimal System">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject" CONTENT="004.64">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.scheme" CONTENT="Some other system">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject" CONTENT="Model Trains">

If not, can you make the HTTP-EQUIV field Subject and the
Name field each of those?

Or could you do it like the following?

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.DDS.scheme" CONTENT="Dewey Decimal System">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.DDS" CONTENT="004.64">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.SOS.scheme" CONTENT="Some other system">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Subject.SOS" CONTENT="Model Trains">

I'm looking for a method to represent data in various structured
forms but still allow a lycos style robot to just poll the head
and use those fields for a search engine (ie searching on the
subject field).

Thanks in advance

Mary E. S. Morris