Re: Enhancements to html forms

Steve (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 13:55:25 +1100

Simon wrote:

> I've recently been developing some applications# using cgi to invoke
> some legacy software on our server and convert the output into html.
> Part of this has involved writing/customizing a "GUI" for the software
> using html-forms. A few extra capabilities would make this a whole lot
> easier: namely
> * a "slider" or "dial" widget to select a value from a continuous range;
> * multiple clicks on an ismap image, eg to outline an area;
> * nested elements in a single form - essentially giving "pop-up" menu
> functionality, but _before_ submitting the form;
> * drag and drop ... (probably not)

Attaching a client-side script (aka applet) to the form is a general way of
achieving your aims. The latest release of SurfIt!, v0.4a, has support
for client-side scripting for forms. Check out:

Unfortunately, applet-enabled browsers are not in wide deployment as yet,
but it looks like they will be in time (Java-enabled browsers at any rate...)

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