Enhancements to html forms

Simon Cox (S.Cox@solo.ned.dem.csiro.au)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:02:33 +0800

I've recently been developing some applications# using cgi to invoke
some legacy software on our server and convert the output into html.
Part of this has involved writing/customizing a "GUI" for the software
using html-forms. A few extra capabilities would make this a whole lot
easier: namely

* a "slider" or "dial" widget to select a value from a continuous range;
* multiple clicks on an ismap image, eg to outline an area;
* nested elements in a single form - essentially giving "pop-up" menu
functionality, but _before_ submitting the form;
* drag and drop ... (probably not)

I've checked the brief description of html v3 on
and it appears that the first two items are already on the books in some
called INPUT TYPE=range, INPUT TYPE=scribble,
(though I tried putting a "range" controller in a form and
it wasn't recognised by our version of Netscape).

I think I saw the nested forms in working documents somewhere
but I can't locate it now. Can anyone help? If not, then how do
I suggest it?

NB. I'm a newbie to this list so I hope I'm not re-treading old ground
too much. I did check the archives and couldn't find anything covering this.

# If you want to take a look, try

Thanks for your help Simon Cox

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