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Santi Scimeca (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 16:42:35 +0100

Hi there,
I would like to talk about the clickalble images which are fillin'
cyberspace with tons of GIFs and JPEGs, absolutely necessary if you want to
go ahead with your net-surfing. I am not used to leaving my Netscape 'load
images' open because the speed of connection would be too slow. But more and
more often I get involved in these huge images. Nevertheless, such images
are nice to see, and enrich your monitor with colors and pictures. But what
solution if you don't want every time to load megabytes of stuff?
One solution is to put, under the image, hotwords with the links of the
image itself. But, from a strictly artistic viewpoint, this seems to be a
compromise: and anyway you cannot build up a 'clean' page.
I propose a sort of trick, which I would like to discuss. I put, under my
clickable image, some 'service image' with an ALT element which contains the
links of the image. These 'service images' are nothing but white dots. No
bytes (I know, just a few), no wait. Then, if you want to see the clikable
image, you just reload the page with image and, if your background is white,
they just desappair, leaving space to the 'real' image with the links.
I wait for feedback for it,
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