Re: CGI-script and Ingres

Craig R. McClanahan (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 07:45:48 +0800

>>>>> "Sofie" == Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis <> writes:

Sofie> I am writing CGI-scripts in Perl and with the purpose of
Sofie> creating an=20 interface in which it will be possible to do
Sofie> a search in a database=20 created in Ingres.

Sofie> I have managed to write a working Perl-script to call a
Sofie> C-program which=20 contains embedded sql search routines,
Sofie> and it works fine.=20 But when I try to call the
Sofie> Perl-script from a "form" I recieve an error=20 message:

Sofie> "ERlookup: Error accessing message text: For unknown
Sofie> reasons. Check=20 messages files in the
Sofie> installation. Internal error. Report this problem to your
Sofie> technical=20 representative. INGRES ERROR: 9961473"

This sounds like the kind of message Ingres will give you when your
Ingres related environment variables and/or PATH are not set up correctly.
I had some similar grief getting programs that talked to Oracle to work,
until I realized that the HTTPD server (I use CERN's, but I suspect it's
true for others as well) does not execute the .login/.cshrc (c-shell users)
or .profile (Bourne shell users) of the username under which the script is
run. Because I was setting up my environment variables there, they weren't
getting initialized properly.

Try making sure that the login under which your server runs (and, therefore,
under which it executes CGI scripts) has all of the correct environmental
variables set *before* you start the HTTPD server itself. Then, any process
started to run a CGI script should inherit the correct settings.

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