Meta Tag

Davide Musella (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 16:22:56 +0100 (MET)

I think it's wrong create a long list of words with their semantic, it could be
better to formalize only the meaning of some keywords so to uniform their use.
This is the first step to build a complete environment in which the agents can
work as well.
I know the best way to catalogue a doc is to use a professional method, but,
normally HTML authors aren't librarians. It could be interesting to have a
subject classification, but it's too hard to have it.
So it could be better to think an user-friendly method rather than the best
The HTML authors, normally, aren't programmers or librarians, so they haven't
any specific background and they don't want to study to have it.
If we want to arrive to somethig of usefull but also used, we have to do a
If they will be oblished to insert this tag in their documents, they must be
able to fill it as well, Otherwise everything will be useless.

Davide Musella

p.s. I'm sorry for my english..yeah I know it isn't optimized...