Fri, 17 Nov 1995 07:55:21 -0600

** High Priority **


We are taking our current Web site from an Intel platform and moving it
to a UNIX platform; <RISC 6000- running IBM's AIX software.>

1. Will it be a problem to transfer my current DOS HTML pages over to
the UNIX system as they are? Or...

2. Will I have to convert the HTML pages to save them on the UNIX box?

3. What about our graphics? Will I need to convert them into the
xwindows format or some other type.

4. Different Topic: PERL Language.
Where can I find the "PERL" Language? I have found scripts and bits of
code, but no compliers, shells or places to find PERL. Can you point me
in the right direction?
Thank You.

Willy Lehotz; BBS Support Op & Web Master in training. 816-823-1910