Re: Associating Hidden Infomation with an Anchor

Harold A. Driscoll (
Mon, 06 Nov 1995 17:37:51 +0000

It sounds like you want to include a comment within your HTML file. Why not
just do:

<a name=job1234><!-- GARK my_values=ohio:drive-in:cook -->

where "GARK my_values=" is some signature which assures your program it is
looking at your "special" (said with SNL Church Lady inflection)
information. Something which reminds you (and others) to keep their grubby
mitts off of it while editing the file, but at the same time reasonably terse.

Do keep in mind that some Web browsers have a very creative idea of SGML
style comments, and be careful about use of HTML-related characters such as
">" within your link.

This approach would seem to be a kludge within the great scheme of things.
But, it sounds like you want something which works with tools in popular use
today. When something more elegant becomes practical, it should not be hard
to port your files over, using PERL or AWK or whatever. /Harold

At 04:38 6/11/95 CST, you wrote:
>I'd like to associate some arbitrary hidden information with an anchor
>end-point (for automatic generation of pointer indexes, for example).
>Two techinques come to mind:
> 1) <a name=job1234 my_values=ohio:drive-in:cook>
> 2) <a name=job1234> <meta content=ohio:drive-in:cook>
>(1) uses an undefined attribute on the grounds that browsers ignore such.
>(2) uses a HEAD element in the BODY on the same grounds.
>Neither are kosher. What is the "right stuff"?
>Cheers, Scott
Harold A. Driscoll
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