OS/2 editors

Boleslaw Mynarski (bmynarsk@pathcom.com)
Thu, 28 Sep 95 07:24:44 EDT

Hi there,

I wonder if there are any HTML editors out there for OS/2 that are not
written in VX-REXX or its flavour? I found those very slow and not very

Also, <ANIMATE> tag is supposed to be purely NetScape's tag. However,
when I use it it does not work using NetScape, but it does work using
WebExplorer for OS/2. The body of the document would look something like

My Title> ... Any comments on this? Thanks. See you on the NET! -------------------------------------------------- Boleslaw Mynarski, Team OS/2 Get Warped by OS/2 -> G E T W A R P E D !!!! bmynarsk@pathcom.com http://www.pathcom.com/~bmynarsk