SOFTWARE: ASHE (A Simple HTML Editor) - xhtml 1.1.2 New beta release
Thu, 28 Sep 95 01:30:18 EDT

ASHE ( A Simple HTML Editor ) - xhtml 1.1.2

ASHE is an Editor for HTML Documents. This Editor was presented in the
Second WWW Conference at Chicago.

ASHE was written using C language, Motif and NCSA HTML Widget.

You can find ASHE in the ftp site :

ASHE directory is pub/puninj/ASHE/ASHE-1.1.2

Please, first read the README file under ASHE directory. You can also
read using Mosaic or Netscape the URL:


If you would like more information about ASHE, please read:


You can write any comments or questions to:

John R. Punin
Dept. of Comp. Sci. RPI
Troy NY 12180


Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
Dept. of Comp. Sci. RPI
Troy NY 12180