Re: Proposed Text Flow Attributes for HTML 3.0

Kevin Atkinson (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 12:18:49 -0400 (EDT)

After reading serveral responces it is clear that everone is hot to trot
on style sheets. I am currently not for are against style sheets but if
you REALLY want to keep all formating to style sheets why did you add the
following tags:

WRAP in <UL>
This tag is CLEARLY a formatting only tag. Other than for the space a
document takes (a style issue) is serves NO structural importance in
my view point. And if you added it in <UL> why not add it to <LI>
there is no reason a numbered list can't wrap.
PLAN in <UL>
May have a little structural importance but I can't see how it is any
more important than controlling the flow of text.
COMPACT in <UL> and <OL>
Once again it may have a little structural importance but I can't see
it. To me it seams to be s style only tag.
I know why this attrib is here. To avoid the special purpose <CENTER> tag
but if you REALLY wan't to move all style to style sheets this attrib
should go too.

Just something to think about. I thing my text flow attribs fall under
the same level of significance as some of the above tags.