Re: Proposed Text Flow Attributes for HTML 3.0

Mel Hatzis (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:51:53 +1000 (EST)

> Kevin Atkinson <> wrote:
> For some applications -- most notably tables -- whether
> the text is flush-left or flush-right is a presentational
> issue that is crucial to the proper interpretation of the
> information. The same is true for the vertical position
> of inlined images with respect to the surrounding text;
> that's a property of the image itself, and can't really
> be pushed off into stylesheets.

Forgive me for being so naive, but what information does the vertical
alignment of an inline image provide?
I can't see how vertical alignment can assist the reader to understand
a document better - it merely facilitates an ease of readability just
as a formatted letter does.

Furthermore, I think your argument of vertical positioning can be applied
to text streams - indentation is a property of the text stream.
Not only that, but it is a property you will find active in any document
you care to read. Perhaps it's scope of use will persuade you to reconsider
its structural importance.