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Paul Prescod (
Sun, 06 Aug 1995 19:20:53 -0400

Ordered, Unordered

In my mind there is a problem with the current situation. Browsers always
interpret "ordered" as "numbered". These do not seem to be the same thing
to me at all. An alphabetical or chronological list is ordered, but
numbering would imply a numerical significance to the ordering that is
perhaps not there. The fact that some things _do_ have a natural numbering
is important. But some things do not.

Perhaps a new "numerical" list should be created which would indicate that
the order of the data had numerical significant.

Defintion Lists
Another argument in favor of the new markup is the constant abuse of the
definition list in order to get a particular formatting. It seems that the
proposed LIH tag is a good one, and can be used to replace definition lists.
I would support the deprecation of the definition list class.

I do not support any of the proposed standardizations of the CLASS attribute
(i.e. "before", "left", "onecol", "multicol" and "hide"). First, they are
purely formatting. Second, as I understand it, CLASS attributes are not
intended to be standardized by the WG. If an author, organization, or
industry wants to implement these attributes and define a style sheet for
them, I say great! But that is not the responsibility of the WG.

Paul Prescod

Paul Prescod (