Re: Erm, is HTML content or presentation based?

Paul Prescod (
Sun, 06 Aug 1995 17:02:30 -0400

At 07:27 PM 8/6/95 +0100, R J Partington wrote:
>Isn't HTML supposed to be content, rather than presentation, based?

Content based, yes. Exclusively content-pure, no.

>If so, (referring to Joe English's message about the new HTML 3
>features being supported), why does HTML 3 seem to be tending toward
>the presentation-specifying `model'? I can't see how the <center>
>tag is part of a content-based document, or how

Joe wasn't discussing the <center> tag. He was discussing the ALIGN
attribute. There is a big difference. You have to work pretty hard to use
the ALIGN attribute in a way that obscures the structure of a document.

>> <UL SRC="greenball.gif">
>is either. To me, these just seem like pure presentation `niceties'.

That is exactly right. They are presentation niceties that encourage people
to use the proper HTML elements instead of throwing them away. You have to
trade-off purity vs. ease of use. It shouldn't be a pain in the butt to
influence the "bullets" used in your list. Otherwise people will use a
definition list element to represent an unordered list and use an image as
the "definition term."

Paul Prescod

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