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Paul Prescod (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 19:35:46 -0400

At 04:45 PM 7/27/95 -0600, Benjamin C. W. Sittler wrote:
>Perhaps we can come up with an interim (i.e. pre-stylesheet) rendering
>control mechanism that doesn't involve CLASSes or new elements. I don't
>think that differentiating CLASSed elements is a good idea,

Why? That's the point of them!

>nor is
>standardizing them. For this puprpose a REND attribute (valid for all
>non-HEAD elements) would be more appropriate.
>The syntax would be relatively simple: the REND attribute contains a
>space-delimited list of zero or more of the following:
>B, I, TT, SMALL, BIG, SUP, SUB, U : Same effect as the corresponding tags.
><area>=<color> : Sets the color of some part of the element.

It seems like a step backwards to me. We've come too far in the right
direction to put all of this formatting back in the HTML documents. This is
just bigger and better formatting hints. It is marginally better than
Netscape's tags, but it still isn't moving us in the direction we want to go
in the long run. We have to start migrating a user community and vendor

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