Re: Sentence MarkUp

Benjamin C. W. Sittler (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 16:45:54 -0600

Perhaps we can come up with an interim (i.e. pre-stylesheet) rendering
control mechanism that doesn't involve CLASSes or new elements. I don't
think that differentiating CLASSed elements is a good idea, nor is
standardizing them. For this puprpose a REND attribute (valid for all
non-HEAD elements) would be more appropriate.

The syntax would be relatively simple: the REND attribute contains a
space-delimited list of zero or more of the following:

B, I, TT, SMALL, BIG, SUP, SUB, U : Same effect as the corresponding tags.
<area>=<color> : Sets the color of some part of the element.

Valid <area>s will be familiar to Netscape people.

TEXT : "Normal" text.
LINK : Anchor text.
BACK : Background.

Valid <color>s may be of three forms.

rrggbb : 6-digit hexadecimal number, with 00 being darkest for each
component and FF being full intensity. r=red, g=green, b=blue

rgb : 3-digit hex number, each component ranges between 0 and F

"name" or name : A named color. Named colors must be from the following
list to be reliably portable (i.e. most colors work most
places, but only these named colors are guaranteed.)
The actual RGB value of each of these may vary!

black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow, white
grey, gray, light-xxx, dark-xxx

Where xxx is any color name other than black or white.
Case doesn't matter, and not all colors are guaranteed
to be differetiable on any given display. Browsers *are*
encouraged to modify colors (any specification) for
readable contrast.

IMAGE : URI of a background tile image.
(This is specified using IMAGE=URI or IMAGE="URI")

Any fontname may be used, with the following fontnames
suggested for every system. Unrecognized fonts are

Times, Courier, Helvetica

All RENDs affect text inside of the given element, regardless of
subsequent container layers, except when overridden by another rend.


(Note that the space-seperated list of REND attributes is enclosed with ""
unless "" are used inside it, in which case '' are used. Also, "" inside
the list may be replaced with '')

(So REND="COLOR='red'" <=> REND='COLOR="red"'. Also, rend attributes are
never case-sensitive, so REND="FONT=Courier" <=> rend='font=couRIEr'.
Moreover, the '=' in COLOR, FONT, etc. may be replaced with ':', and a
rend with only a single attribute need not be quoted if ':' is used
instead of '=')

REND=COLOR:RED is legal.

REND='B' is legal with or without the quotes.

One more REND style, CAPS, deserves special notice. All non-lowercase
letters in the affected element are rendered as BIG text.

Benjamin C. W. Sittler
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