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Here are some thoughts on your questions... BTW... it would be helpful
when asking these type of questions to note the platform you are working
with. If I tell you how to do this Stuff on the SGI and you are
using NextStep
then all I may say will be a waste of time.

It only takes one more line to add this important information.

>I have a hoempage on the web and would like to put osme gifs on it and
>want to know if it is in anon-gif format currentl what specs should I use
>to convert it. I mean how many colors shoud it be in 16/64/256 and what
>size pixels shoud it be. Also should it be

I always use 256 colors for any image that has millions and I still
want to look
good to the universe. If you are working in RGB you need to
convert the image
to INDEXED COLOR and then specify how you want it done...

I recommend using Photoshop to do the major part of the work. ( I
am using a Mac)
and GraphicConverter is the best utility to convert Photohsop GIF
images to
Transparent & or Interlaced .GIF images.

I haven't heard about the "GIF Construction Kit"... sounds like it
is probably a bit
complicated... ???

>What woudl be the best program to use to help me get my gifs uponto the
>page. I have the GIF construction kit,graphcis workshop-heard about
>painter anyone know of this one?

I am not sure what you mean about getting the GIFs up onto the page?

The traditional way of insuring that the GIFs are there is to ftp
them to
your directoy on your server (or your Providers Server) and with
the proper
HTML references they will indeed show up.. and of course be really cool.

If you havn't already done it I suggest keeping all of your file
types in separate

For example:

/www This is your main Web Stuff Directory
(This is also where you want to put
your main page) index.html
Most servers will defualt to the
(index.html) as the "Home" page.
So you can use an abreviated
address like <>

/html I use a html subdirectory to keep all of my
additional HTML documents
and further sub-directories to keep things
organized by subject.

/images This of course would be where you put all of your
images whether they
be jpeg, GIF or other.


If this all seems a bit remedial... so be it...
perhaps there is someone else
out there who forgot what prudent file management is and
wil be jolted back
to sanity by this part of this post. There is nothing
worse than trying to loacate
a file in a list of 200 other files that are all strewn
about in one directory.

That's all folks,

The ZargMiester

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