Re: HTML 3: Too many tags! (was re: Psychology and usefulness)

Mike Batchelor (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 08:20:47 -0400 (EDT)

Chris Tilbury once wrote...
> On 19 Jul 95 at 2:24, Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> > There are *way* too many of them!
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> >
> > <Q> and <BLOCKQUOTE> are identical in meaning. They should be the
> > same tag. Whether a quotation is presented embedded or blocked out
> > can be specified in an attribute.
> Hmm - I don't think it can. The content model of <Q> is %text[1],
> whereas the content model of <BLOCKQUOTE> is %body.content, %flow,
> and %block[2]. I don't think you can alter the content model of an
> element using an attribute, but I may be wrong?

Well, <Q> is a text level markup, like <I> and <B>. It is suggested that
text within <Q></Q> be rendered enclosed with quotation marks, or other
punctuation appropriate to the language. <BQ> is used to indicate a
quoted passage of text is enclosed. The two are quite different, and I
think <Q> should stay in, so that on your German browser, the quotations
would be rendered as the double-greater-than/double-less-than marks (what
are those called) and on English browsers, as "".

I agree that the other simplifications should take place. "Hey, I'm not
using this <KBD> tag anywhere, let me assign some styles to it, it's
shorter than typing <PERSON class=green>."

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