Re color and processing instructions

Terry Allen (
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 13:33:35 -0700

Pris Sears asks:
> Is there anything useful this group can do to rein in Netscape-isms?

Yes. Beat on browser developers to support processing instructions
(use them if they understand them, ignore them if not). PIs are an
SGML-compliant way to extend functionality that does not require
modification of the DTD. If PIs are supported, new tags are not
required, e.g.:

<?netscape-begin-blink>blinking text<?netscape-end-blink>

As HTML 2.0 is supposed to be an SGML application, browsers that
do not handle PIs properly (that is, they display the PIs as
though they were text) are not in compliance with the HTML 2.0 spec.


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