Re: The trouble with PDF files (was Re: Multi column layout question.)
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 13:55:57 -0400

> If you are interested in an alternative to PDF that is superior in
> regards to maintaining small file sizes (albeit solely a Windows based
> product at this time), check out the RTC compression utility from Imagen
[long line truncated]

We're interested in non-proprietary solutions that have small file sizes.
Preferably SGML-based solutions, since that's our business :-)

Not RTF; not PostScript (whether Level 1 or Level 2), and preferably a format
that is defined clearly in a published standard, by an internationally
recoginsed standards body.

Of course, if interoperability and document longevity aren't issues, and
you don't mind being tied to a single vendor.... and a single output medium
(e.g. not Braille or spoken word) .... :-)


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