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Mon, 29 May 1995 03:13:25 +0500

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>To Whom It May Concern:
>If I am not a well-rounded computer programmer per se, but getting rather
>fluent in designing and composing Hypertext Markup Language Web pages,
>my question is this: Are there jobs out there in the real world for graphic
>artists/journalists who are fluent in HTML, HTML+, etc.?
>(I suspect I may not be the only subscriber with this question.)

Hi Dai,

There are hundreds of jobs on the WEB. I've attached a page in HTML format
which lists all the right places. Just retrieve it into netscape and start
hunting. I hope this works, if not I'll give it another try another way
another day.

Please let me know,


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Virtual Library/CyberWeb:
Jobshref=3D"" i
mg alt=3D"[VL]" src=3D""a
href=3D"" src=3D""href=3D"" src=3D"" Jobs=
Opportunities on the World-Wide Web.href=3D"">CareerMosaic Page
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whatever, chances are that you will find it here. There are links=
here to
Web pages and Newsgroups that deal solely with jobs, offered and=
wanted. Be
sure to check in here at the Electronic Job Centre. Remember that=
your news
server may not carry all of the listed groups. href=3D"">E-Span Employment
Database Search.href=3D"">Employment Opportunities=
at HaL
Computer Systems.Alt=3D"*"> The following positions are currently open at our Campbell,
California headquarters. Qualified candidates are encouraged to=
send their
resumes directly.href=3D"">Employment
Opportunities on the Internet--Intro.src=3D"/Icons/bullet.xbm" Alt=3D"*"> All of these services are available
through the Internet. You will need a full Internet account (telnet=
ftp, not just electronic mail) to access most of these services.=
All of the
services listed here are offered to the user at no charge; however,=
are other employment services/job listings available on the Internet=
do charge a fee.href=3D"">Engineering
Jobs.href=3D"">Execusoft, Utah
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areas of computer programming, systems analysis and design, life=
development and systems programming. On this page you will find information
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programs, and other relevant local industry
to our rapid growth Virtumall needs more people to market our mall=
and to
produce our stores. At present we are looking for regional sales
representatives anywhere in the world. If you have some time on your=
know something about the Internet and the Web and would like to help=
grow please drop us some email. In addition we are searching for=
people to
help build catalogs at our Cambridge location or possibly at home=
if you
are connected to the Internet.href=3D"">Intellimatc=
On Line.=
you=EDre looking for a new job or just want to test the waters to=
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guides, career fair calendars, a comment section, and
more.href=3D""JOBS.href=3D"">Job Placement=
in the
Virtual Town.href=3D"">Job Search=
available at SPRY.href=3D"">MindSource Software,
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development.href=3D""Monster Board!.href=3D"">The
Employment Opportunities at IPC Technologies, Inc. href=3D"
"W3 Consortium recruitment.src=3D"/Icons/bullet.xbm" Alt=3D"*"> Yes, W3C is hiring. The rate=
of hiring is
a function of the W3C subscription rate, and this is picking up rapidly.
Mail me if you have any questions. MIT/LCS is an equal opportunity
employer, and so applications for a post at MIT itself must be made=
the proper channel as indicated in the vacancy
notice.href=3D"">Welcome to
Every day, computer contract recruitment agencies from all over the=
UK fax
us their latest requirements. We enter the details into a database,
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wants it. We call it JobServe and we distribute it by electronic=
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