Scripts and POP

Philip De Lisle (
Thu, 18 May 1995 19:00:08 +0500

First of all many thanks to all of you who responded to my posting last
month for help with perl scripts. I now know what I am doing - I think

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run a web server "off-line" as
it were just to test and debug pages and scripts?

I rent storage space for my pages from a net provider and use PPP to
access/update them. This can be a nightmare! Last night I spent 50
minutes trying to locate a missing semi-colon - all the server told me
was "Error - cannot run script"!!!!

I presume I need a web server and a perl engine to run my scripts. Do
such animals exist for Windows95 (or NT)? If so, what are they called
and where can I ftp them from?



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