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Murray Maloney (
Sat, 20 May 1995 22:30:20 +0500

Quinn writes:
> Is there any chance for a tag allowing inline HTML? I'm really sick
> of having to cut out and paste in entire blocks of markup whenever
> they need updated.
> It would be much nice if we could do something like:
> <INC src="copyright.html">
> At the bottom of every page, instead of having to copy that full
> copyright.html into EVERY FILE that needs it.
> It really seems crazy to me why this isn't included in HTML. We
> have inline images. Why not inline HTML? It will push towards
> more modular and distributed HTML coding.
> Someone who matters--PLEASE ADD THIS TO HTML2/3.
> -Quinn
> -

It is not entirely clear to me that I matter -- except that
my wife and kids tell me so fairly often -- but I can report
to you on some recent discussions on the html-wg mailing list.

While I was traveling recently a discussion about <INCLUDE>
erupted and just as suddenly ended. I have to admit that
I did not follow the discussion, so I cannot report on whether
it reached a resolution.

A week or so ago, I posted a proposal which includes an
attempt to describe the meaning of <LINK> and <A> elements,
especially with respect to the use of the REL and REV attributes.
In it, I suggested <A REL=INCLUDE HREF=...> for an inclusion
link. The response was mixed, but I will be re-issuing that
proposal with some edits and further details some time real
soon now.

I expect that we will see some form of inclusion capability
in HTML in the not-too-distant future. Without such a
capability it will be impossible (or at least unethical)
to include copyrighted material from publishers who expect
a royalty payment for use of their material. With a formal
mechanism, it is assumed that derivative works could be
built and published in a commercially viable manner.

In short: be patient, we'll get there.


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