Answers: URL, URI and URN

Danyel Ceccaldi (
Mon, 8 May 1995 12:26:29 +0500

Hi recipients of the mailing-list,

I asked about any information about URL's URN's and URI's.

The following URL's I used from the answers:

<A HREF="">
Uniform Resource Identifiers (uri) Charter</A>

<A HREF="">
UR* and The Names and Adresses of WWW objects</A>

<A HREF="">
Universal Resource Characteristics (URCs)</A>

<A HREF="">
Uniform Resource Locators - URLs</A>

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In a late addition I got an answer from Peter Parnes.
He made his master thesis about URNs and URCs.
So also special thanks to him.

<A HREF="">
Uniform Resource Names in the World Wide Web and their resolution

"From: Peter Parnes <>"

In my personal opinion the best actual references are the references of
the World-Wide Web Consortium ( and the Server of the IETF.

Danyel Ceccaldi,