Re: ftp transfers of .htm to .html

Eric Dorion (
Mon, 8 May 1995 10:17:49 +0500

At 11:22 27/4/1995 +0500, Alexander, Larry wrote:
>I am currently creating HTML files on my PC. The file name extensions are
>obviously filename.htm. When I ftp these over to my Sun workstation httpd
>server, I would like the filenames to be filename.html. Does anyone know of
>a quick and dirty method to rename these files when they are ftp'ed to the
>Sun? It's a real pain to remember to rename these all of the time.
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Larry Alexander
It's fairly easy to write a PERL script to rename your files but another
question arises in "Will I have to change all my URLs in my html files to
include the missing 'l' ?".
Well the answer is no since you can already write your URLs like:

<A HREF="myfile.html"> This is a valid link to the local file myfile.htm on
my PC</A>

The advantage is quite obvious isn't it?

Good luck.

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