Parsability (re: Thinking about style sheets)

Michal Young (
Tue, 2 May 1995 12:25:35 +0500

> Hakon's format is broken into manageable, logical chunks
> that allow for extensibility and ease of parsing.

Although these examples look more human-readable than the lisp-like syntax
of a previous dssl-lite proposal, it seems to be a step backward in
extensibility and ease of parsing. Is there some core grammar of which all
these examples are just variations? If not, there should be, and there
should be a very clear demarcation of a kernel long-lived style sheet
language from a set of particular facilities that match contemporary DTP.
For example, attributes of the form are part of the core
language, the specific drop-cap attribute is not. In other words, design
for change (and not just for additions).

>We should be seeing a full description of the experimental notation,
>with proposals, etc. and a full listing of properties, values,
>meta-variables, etc. on the Web pretty soon.

With a simple (LL(1) or LR(0)) grammar for the kernel, I hope, and a clear
division between kernel and a set of facilities that can be described by
phrases in the kernel language.


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