Re: Print=Yes

Barry Johnson (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 01:33:41 +0500

Lantz Rowland <> awoke me from my dogmatic slumber
by mentioning:

>I often print out web documents to read on the bus. That started me
>watching for when a printed document would loose information that I
>intended to be available my readers as well noticing that type of loss
>in other documents.
> [lantz proceeds to describe how pages print now, and how they should ideally
> print, which is quite sensible]
>I believe that this should be done by using the class attribute (unlike
>my example), however I am not sure if that can work. The HTML tag has
>the urn and dtd version for the document and currently the class
>attribute is for the role of the document. The Title, Base, Style,
>and Meta elements as well as <A> can contain information of this type
>but those elements have %uri and do not have the %attr entity that
>contains the class attribute.

My thought with this would be that browsers would be in a better position
to do this than adding something via HTML. I think if browser had a
preference such as

( ) Ignore references
( ) Print references inline
(*) Print references as footnotes
( ) Expand references inline [n] levels deep

The last preference is a potentially scary thought but it would be fairly
useful. (Say you want a hardcopy of some documentation available only in
linked HTML, 1 page per section. Insted of a retreive/load/print cycle, you
simply can print the highest level, walk away, and let your browser do the

Just my $.02


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