Lantz Rowland (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 16:23:20 +0500


I often print out web documents to read on the bus. That started me
watching for when a printed document would loose information that I
intended to be available my readers as well noticing that type of loss
in other documents.

The types of info where this occurs range from the Title and urn for
the document to certain anchors and often in a references section of a
document. What is clear and simple when viewed with my browser can
turn useless when printed.

For example I can write in html2:
Lantz Rowland
<A HREF="">

What would be useful for html3 would be to write something like:
<A HREF="" Print=Yes>
Lantz Rowland</A>

Which if printed would print as:
Lantz Rowland <>
- or -
Lantz Rowland <>

I believe that this should be done by using the class attribute (unlike
my example), however I am not sure if that can work. The HTML tag has
the urn and dtd version for the document and currently the class
attribute is for the role of the document. The Title, Base, Style,
and Meta elements as well as <A> can contain information of this type
but those elements have %uri and do not have the %attr entity that
contains the class attribute.

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